Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We've finally had some rain ... yipeeeeeeee. It's been really dry here in SA - only 50 mms since 1/1/13 - had at least 3 mm today :) I've been busy with the "Spring 13 Mystery Quilt" we're up to week 5 - can't wait to see the finished article.

There is a deliberate mistake in the photo (I've unsewn and resewn to fix it!!) - the light wasn't brilliant so you don't really see the colours but I like it so far.

I've finally finished my Fall 12 Mystery Quilt - I even quilted it myself

I've also participated in the "Dreaming of Spring" mini quilt swap - sent mine to Canada.

Finally I've made blocks for my Quilting Blocks Australia and Christmas Block Swap Australia Partners - here's some recent ones..........

Last but not least my 11 year old daughter was inspired by the Fall 12 Mystery Quilt and wants to try making her own - here's the progress so far (I helped with the cutting but she's done 75% of the sewing)

I'm going to listen to the rain (one of the benefits of a tin roof).........

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Nancy said...

Oh, I live in Canada and just posted my Dreaming of Spring quilt to Turkey. I love the one you made... Hope it heads to Halifax!