Sunday, 24 November 2013

Table Runner & a gift received and some to give........

I've finished my table runner: tempted to start using it now but we have one "Calamity Annie" living here and sure as eggs are eggs something will happen to it - so may wait until nearer Christmas.

I also received a gift from Susan at Susans Sewing Space; we both took part in FNSI; I commented on her blog and she sent me this beautiful angel:

Thank you - but like the runner I'm going to wait until at least December before I put her out!! Isn't she gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥

Today I made these: 3 sets of stockings for gifts and a basket for a new baby boy. The stockings still need some embellishments but I just couldn't work them out tonight (if you know what I mean; nothing really worked so I'll try again tomorrow).


creations.1 said...

Love your prize angel - so delicate. A lovely finish on the table centre. I too am always wary of using new finished things out to use because of the calamity janes and Joes that are constantly coming and going (grandchildren). Some people are going to be very special recipients of those beautiful stockings - you have had a great week!!

feltfree på Åsly said...

So lovely these things you made. I love it.

Keryn B said...

Beautiful stockings the fabric is lovely