Friday, 17 January 2014

Mother Nature at her worst.......... but so thankful for a wind change

Well we've had a few scary days here and one's I don't wish to repeat in a hurry (hence no blogging). As you may know SA is nearing the end (fingers crossed) of a prolonged heatwave, we haven't been below 41C since Sunday and even the nights have been hot (28C +). 

Tuesday was hot and dry spent inside listening to the updates on the radio as there were fires throughout SA and one not too far from us (7km). We kept a watch out the window at the smoke and had a plan in place just in case!

6pm we decided to go for a swim as there was cloud cover and it might help to cool us down. DD2 and I went to take the cover off and I noticed a big cloud of smoke heading our way. DD2 went to alert DH by the time he came outside we couldn't see the road (100m away) or the neighbours 500m away. Thick, hot smoke and ash were heading our way. Mad dash inside to wake DD1 (having an afternoon nap!!); get my mam and the dogs and then off we went.

The front was heading directly for us. We only went 1km away to neighbours but they live up a hill (we're down in the valley) so had a good view of what was happening. They too thought our place and the closer neighbour's were gone as our properties just "disappeared" into the smoke.

The CFS were busy fighting the bigger blaze but we were being looked after by someone - the wind just suddenly changed direction and headed up the paddock over the road away to our right (we were later told the wind speed was up to 50km/h). We were just all so fortunate; paddocks and some sheds were lost and sadly some animals but no human life and no homes close by (one was lost at Rockleigh).

The first photo I took on my phone and was the view from our neighbours when we got there (our property is just behind the tree line to the bottom right of the photo). The second was taken by the CFS and is what was heading towards us!

A huge thank you to all the CFS crews who are still out there monitoring and fighting fires. Today remains a high risk day; very windy with thunder and lightening forecast ahead of a cool change. 

We're ready to activate our plan again; as much as I love my home and love living here I won't stay to fight a fire; we'll go at the first sight of anything heading our way.

Keep cool and safe.
Take care all my bloggy friends 



Susan said...

Very scary - glad its all OK - for now.
Keep safe... I am so glad I Iive in the 'burbs

Sharyn T said...

A very scary scenario. I hope all stays well. Sharyn:)

Patricia Lewis said...

Stay safe and cool in that terrible heat wave SA is having... Thinking of you here in Tassie :))

MARYNAN said...

Bush fires are so scary!! I remember the bushfires in the Dandenongs in the early '60s as a child. Grass fires travel so quickly too memories come flooding back of a car trip between Melbourne and Sydney, the grass fire was quicker than our car could travel. I know it was back in the dark ages, but very frightening for a 10 year old. I even still hate the smell of bushfires.

Glad everything turned out OK for you!!!


Pinnylea Creations said...

Thanks Susan; it was very scary - think last night was the first night I'd slept properly in a week! So thankful it's cooler.

Pinnylea Creations said...

All good now Sharyn - had some amazing lightening Friday night (did nothing for the nerves though) but thankfully no flare ups. Lovely and cool today only 25 :)

Pinnylea Creations said...

A cool change has never been so well received. Thankfully the majority of the fires in SA are now safe. The CFS did an amazing job - don't know how they do it; they're the people who deserve the mega salaries; putting their lives at risk for no financial reward.

Pinnylea Creations said...

You're so right it was the speed that was so scary. We are just so thankful to have such an amazing volunteer CFS and wonderful neighbours.