Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Busy weekend.....

A busy weekend in this neck of the woods... An early start to Saturday out by 06:30 am to collect admission donations at a local netball carnival for our scout group only to find we'd been given the wrong information and it was only on on Sunday (1 scout and 1 venturer not too happy in the car - we tried to get a hot drink in Macca's on the way home but a full bus had arrived just before us!!). Scout and Venturer returned home (both went back to bed - as you do when you're a teenager). 

What to do with the rest of the day?? DH and I found a local quilt show to visit - some amazing quilts and I was really good no fabric brought home..

This one was my favourite - 

or may be this - 

no this defintiely....

What better to follow looking at quilts for a while but to go out for lunch. A scrumptious meal including dessert we didn't need but couldn't not have (sorry no pics didn't think of that at the time). Lastly we went and bought 5 new girls - all ISA browns and very friendly (photos to follow of them - Henny, Penny, Jenny, Lola and Edith! DD2 chose the names).

Sunday was spent planting trees - we planted 1000 and this was the last of them woo hoo (3000 in total). This was another fundraiser for our scout group that's created a bird corridor. Can't wait to go back in the future to see how it grows. 

A beautiful day (only I could get sunburnt in SA in August and I was wearing a hat). The landholder leases some of his land to a "Wombat Rescue Group" one of the volunteers brought out Joy and Poppy to meet us. Little Poppy had been completely hand reared; she's now 12 months old and doing really well. Joy is 3 and has ongoing chest infections which limit her growth (she's about 1/2 the size she should be).

Yesterday an exchange student arrived for 2 weeks (only found out last Wednesday - the school was let down at the last minute by 3 families). She's a lovely girl from Tokyo with reasonable English skills - she can understand both girls but my accent throws her a bit - more on this later in the week.



shez said...

Hi Mel,oh no what a morning,lol. So glad you have shared these quilts,they are all so lovely,love the wombats,hope you have a lovely evening my friend,xx

Jo said...

Sounds like a great weekend after all. I couldn't imagine planting all those trees. The wombats are so cute.
How fantastic to have a Japanese student. We have done that twice. 1 has been back over 4 times. Even with her sister and to our daughters wedding. We have also been over to meet her family. That's quite funny to read this today. I just posted her birthday present and a quilt for her best friend who just had a baby girl. That post is still to come.

debbie said...

I couldn't decide between all those quilts either...but maybe the last one is my fave... I have cuddled koalas, but no wombats yet. I must work on that!! xx debbie

Jewells said...

A very productive weekend. When my daughter was school age, I use to have Japanese students stay... they were all very nice and we all learnt about each others cultures.. One comes to the dinner table, we were offended by them slurping their cups of tea and then we found out that they were VERY offended if someone blew their nose (into a hankie/tissue) at the table...a reall NO-NO!

Cath said...

Love the kangaroo quilt, oh, and look at those wombats.....would love to cuddle a wombat! thanks for sharing the quilt photos