Saturday, 5 October 2013

FNSI & squishy mail

My darling husband brought home 2 squishy parcels yesterday; one from Sweden and one from Adelaide both had extra's - whose spoilt? Me LOL.

I also did some work on my cross stitch - as I mentioned in an earlier post I have only recently rediscovered cross stitch and am really enjoying it; or was until I ran out of dark green (and of course I've thrown out the paper with the number on it!). So how to fix it - I'm going to go through my stash and find something that is almost the same as really how many trees are the same colour from top to toe? I'll share when it's finished. It's for decorating my home this Christmas - I'm going to frame it in a wooden embroidery hoop.

Hope everyone else was productive - can't wait to check them out later today. Apple slice and coffee were delicious - shame I didn't have room for a second piece ♥

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Val Spiers said...

The swap blocks look amazing. Your cross stitch is looking great. Embroidery hoops make perfect frames. It will be lovely.