Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter Swap with Jewells

More surprise mail for me this week courtesy of Jewells. I'm taking part in her Easter Time Swap; I've been very good an not squished or poked (she put clues on the wrapping so that has helped my self control). I've hidden them in the back of the wardrobe until Easter Sunday LOL (much easier to resist temptation when you can't see them).

Thanks Jewells xxx



Jewells said...

You are welcome!..must admit, you have more self control than me, I would just rip them suckers open right a way!

Nanette said...

Pretty little gifts waiting to be opened, I think I'll wait until Easter too....although I might rethink that when they actually arrive. I finally blogged about mine today. It'll be exciting to see what we all receive and what we each chose for the letters.