Sunday, 25 May 2014

A quilt for Scarlett

I just have to share this quilt that is 99% finished (I just have to sew on the labels). 

I made it for my friends granddaughter "Scarlett Winter". Scarlett came along at just the right time last year - my friend was nursing her mum at home in the latter stages of a terminal illness. When mum died my dear friend gave me most of her sewing supplies, including a horn sewing table and a bunch of UFO's; the only request was I finish and use everything. The centre of the quilt was a UFO but wasn't sure what to do with it; after many months of deliberation and a birthday fast approaching I remembered a fairy panel I had in my stash. It was meant to be - mums name was Shirley and there were 2 Shirley Poppy Fairies on the panel. 

I found an amazing tutorial by Jenny of Elefantz all about printing onto fabric.... I wrote out the quilts story and then followed Jenny's very clear instructions and voila ....... printed labels.

I think there'll be lots of tears when Scarlett receives her quilt and Nanna reads the story.


shez said...

wow what an awesome present,you did so well making this quilt mel its beautiful,well done.xx

Wendy said...

A very beautiful middle daughters name is Winter Bliss F...:)

Anthea said...

Wow Mel - you have done an amazing job of this quilt , considering how you are travelling at the moment... I just can't imagine how it feels in your world right now, I but only know I would give you the biggest, strongest & most protective hug possible, if I had the chance.

Jewells said...

WOW! certainly nothing wroong with your quilting "mind"... what a wonderful heirloom!

Maria said...

Lovely projects!

Maria said...

Lovely projects!

Jo said...

That's such a sweet story. One to be treasured for many years