Sunday, 20 July 2014

A success for FNSI ................

These are what I started at FNSI and finished today. Our Scout Group is opening a new section in a local town (on Tuesday) so new scarves were needed for any new cubs (they wear a white scarf until they are invested at 4 weeks). I was volunteered to make them; well as you know I have a love hate relationship with my overlocker but I decided it would be easier to make them using it than to faff about with the sewing machine having to fold seams etc. I've never done rolled hems before but I thought what the heck and ........ they worked all 14 of them. 

They're not the best scarves in the world but I'm really pleased with them - DD2 did the modelling; she's a scout so they were a bit small for her LOL..

There were 57 of us all working away - go have a look what everyone else got up to here; there's some awesome crafter's out there...


Jo said...

Well done Melanie.
Good effort and I'm sure they will appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Awesome work Mel you did well.xx

Leanne said...

Well done, they look great,