Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FNSI not quite to plan..... a new arrival

FNSI didn't quite happen as I'd planned as we've had some exciting times here! We had a new arrival on Friday.....

Introducing Charlee. We've "rescued" her. Her previous owner is terminally ill and Charlee has been too much for her. She's a Jack Russel and 5yrs young. She's definitely been loved by her waistline - we're shrinking her body to fit her face lol (she's 8kg!). This all happened very quickly - we had our yard checked and were "approved" on Monday and she arrived Friday afternoon. She's a quiet little thing who just loves being with you. Despite her size she can jump into chairs not a problem; she loves going for walks and for all she's a tad overweight doesn't beg or look for food. Our other dog Milly wasn't too sure to begin with (completely ignored her - a bit like a toddler if I can't see you you can't see me!) but she's coming round. Charlee's got all of us wrapped around her little paws already.

No craft done but lots of cuddles instead......



Susan said...

What a cute distraction.

debbie said...

Charlee is a cutie for sure! Good she is settling in nicely. xx debbie